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About Us



Hi there! Our hearts are full to know you are here and reading this. One of our biggest priorities in life is  connection. 

We are Jonathan and Sara Yarborough the founders of Por Siempre Films.  Our story started in 2018 after two young kids fell in love on a missions trip to Cuba. After 2 years of long-distance between Miami and Orlando, we tied the knot on January 4th, 2020. We are so excited for you to experience the beautiful bliss of marriage, soon! We are thankful to capture special moments as filmmakers and love Jesus with all our hearts. It is truly amazing to work next to your best friend and serve the Kingdom of God through our films! Film is a treasure that allows us to share the joy of life and the real heartbeat of every situation. There is nothing more we love than storytelling, going to Disney, ice coffee, anything outdoors, road trip adventures, singing together and sharing the love of Jesus with others everywhere we go.

Our Story 


We believe that the little moments...

make the moment walking down the aisle that much more special

Our Why

Our heart beats for fun, passion and authenticity  everyday! Your wedding day is no exception. The celebration of two becoming one starts now. We are your number one hype squad and are focused on making you feel love, seen, heard and celebrated!


As a husband + wife we are able to highlight our brides and grooms with the upmost excellence. Wonder why?  Because we understand the wedding planning process & the emotions walking down the aisle as we have been there! It is a lot and our dream is to make it magical with the gift of film.


We work in unity to make sure that you are equally shown within the film, celebrated and feel comfortable on and off camera the day of your wedding. Our goal and desire is to capture your day on film and for you to rewatch it for generations to come! Plus, we just made two new friends that we love and adore forever!

Where is the next adventure?

Bucket List Destinations 

Even though we are are located in Florida, we have a heart for exploring + adventure. If we aren't filming weddings, our hiking bags are packed and ready to snorkel, find the best local coffee shop, hike the next trail and find the the most romantic sunset. There is nothing like a good road-trip or waking up in a new city. Traveling is not just once a year, it's a lifestyle filled with joy, wonder and a never ending discovery. 

We would love to add your destination to our list and explore with you!

ANY NATIONAL PARK! (We love them all)






About Us: About

Fun Facts About Us

+ We are obsessed with rollercoasters & anything theme parks. Where are our Disney Passholders at?

+  We have travelled to 40 counties collectively mostly for missions through our university. We are obsessed with culture, adventure and sharing the love of Jesus around the world. 

+ Our favorite foods are anything Italian & Mexican food. The "hole in walls" are always the best spots. 

+ Sara comes comes from a massive Hispanic family and has over 150+ cousins. Needless to say, family is so important to us both. 


+  One of our favorite date nights is going to the movies. Filmmaking is our favorite, but nothing beats watching a movie and eating a large buttery popcorn with a blue raspberry /cherry iccee. 

(Our favorites are Star Wars, anything Marvel, Lord of The Rings, and Elf.)

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Are we a perfect match?

Let's make a movie together. 
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